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N7MSH - Neal            KC7RQF - Charlene         W7ALT - Walt   

Neals' website            Charlenes' website         Walts' website 


I'm the biggest one, literally..


 KE7DXT- Becky & KC7RQF - Charlene                   The group just settin and tellin stories 


        KD7FYR - Ken           KD7GVT- Lorna  KE7DXT- Becky

Ken and Lorna are Hub and Wife

All of the above pictures taken 2005 Field Day

at Charlene and Walts'   "Chipmunk Ranch"

Located in the Blue Mountains Near Meacham, OR


WB6BCN - Doug         |<----------------- K7JAL - Joe ----------------->|         WB7NQH - Jim
                               Dougs' website

                         |<---------------- AC7XO - Linn ---------------->|            W7ZHQ - Jim            W7SBK - Steve
Jim's Custom Crafts       Son, Ryan Kennelly
                                                                                                                                         World record power
                                                                                                                                         lifter, lifts 1036 lbs.

                |<--------------- KB7DZR - Scott -------------->|           N5ASA - Larry            K7CHK - Chuck
                                                 Scotts' Website                                 Larrys' Website

                   KD7KXT - Val            KD7ARA - Pat                WB7RXX - Vern          KC7NXX - Marc

                               Pedro - WY4A             WA7YPJ - Ron               K7SUW - Wes                W7PON - Jack
                                                               Ron's Wood Working                                              Jacks' Website
                                                                    Pictures HERE

                                   KE7JEZ - Darci (in Back)              Jamie and Darci                          KD7PIB - Jamie
                                     ya that's Jamie in front

                   KE7JEY - Steve & Tawnya             N7AUS - Simon         W7FCB - Rudy           W5WWW - Ron & Val
                                                                                                                                                   Ron's Website

Most all the above people are Amateur Radio operators
who check into one of the following Nets:
146.80 Cracker Barrel Net
3.960 Columbia Basin Net
3.900 Night Train Express Net
3.970 Northwest Country Cousins Net
The rest are friends I have met through QSOs and E-Mails
regarding this Website and Amateur Radio Web Rings

E-Mail Info Here

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